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Natural Stone

Each stone hand-chipped to create a structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing and completely unique piece of art.

Stone Cladding

Natural or manufactured stone cladding adheres to solid structures to create timeless and elegant interior or exterior feature walls.


Popular due to their durability, stability and good looks, limestone blocks are a versatile building material.

Flagstone Paving

Flat pieces of natural stone are laid to create feature paving for paths and entertaining areas.

Why choose stonework?

No other building material can match the benefits of natural stone. Its proven durability, ease of maintenance, permanence and stability mean that, financially, the benefits far outweigh the initial investment.

On top of the cost-effectiveness, building with a green material such as natural stone shows you care about the environment and strive to preserve it. Stone is a naturally occurring material that is non-toxic, recyclable, sustainable and has a low carbon footprint.

And of course, there’s the sheer beauty of natural stone! The unique colours, tones, textures and patterns in natural stone add character to any project. Each piece is impossible to replicate and it will not fade over time. Stonework is timeless, sophisticated, elegant and luxurious – it adds value to your home and it will never go out of style.

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Chipping Stone

Using natural stone, cladding, blocks or flagstone, we can bring any commercial or residential building, renovation or landscaping project to life.

Who We Are

A small, family-run business with over 13 years experience in the stonemasonry trade.


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