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Some landscaping companies will offer stone features and some tilers will offer stone cladding, but they aren’t specialising in either. By hiring a stonemason for your stone project, you are getting a level of expertise and experience that will prove extremely valuable. The knowledge of all different types of natural stone and installation processes will ensure you get the best possible outcome for your project. You can’t beat the artistic eye of a qualified and experienced stonemason.

Each custom stone project starts with a free consultation & quote, where we will work with you to create your own unique design and help you decide on which type of stone would best suit your needs.

For natural stonework, the stone is hand selected for your project, and hand chipped to create a structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing result.

The most popular locally sourced stone in WA includes limestone, granite (moss rock), coffee rock, Donnybrook sandstone and Toodyay or Karratha quartzite.

Most natural stonework jobs are charged per square metre, but smaller more intricate jobs may be charged at an hourly rate instead (corners and edges are a lot more time consuming than straight walls). Cladding jobs are usually charged out per square metre, and block jobs are per block. Machinery rental charges and hourly rates apply for any extra tasks such as landscaping, demolition, waste removal etc.

We understand that many clients just want to see a cost figure on the website, but due to the nature of this work, there are so many factors to consider that that simply isn’t doable. Price depends on the materials used, the size of the job, the site access, the equipment needed etc. Each job is completely different, so it’s best to get in contact with us for an obligation-free, detailed quote for your specific requirements. (We promise, no pushy sales pitch!)

We currently accept bank transfer and cash payments only.

No, we don’t offer stone benchtops.

Whether or not your stone project will require a concrete footing depends on the size and type of the job.

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