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As a building material, nothing can beat the benefits of natural stone. Obviously, here at Rock Solid, we’re mad about the stuff, but in this article, I hope we can sway you over to choosing natural stone for your next project.


Obviously, the first benefit on the list is the aesthetic appeal of natural stone. It’s beautiful. Whether you’re hoping to achieve a look of modern, grand luxury and elegance, or a soft, warm and homely space, stone can get it done. It also works well with many other building materials, adding a sophistication and unique flare to any home.

The unique colours, tones, textures and patterns in stone cannot be replicated, guaranteeing a unique finish that is always visually interesting and will set you apart. These colours will not fade or change over time, nor will stonework ever go out of style. Stone’s permanence makes a statement that you’re here and you intend to stay.

As stone is a natural product, taken straight from the ground, it exudes an earthy richness that acts as a steadying force, helping us feel grounded and safe. There is such a wide variety of ways to lay stone to create limitless design potential and allow for completely different looks and feels. For example, using small stones can result in an intricate delicate look, whereas using large angular rocks can create a bold, impressive statement. Using stone in block form creates an ordered look whereas a weathered, moss-covered garden wall can be a soft, old-fashioned touch.


Next on the list of pros, is how eco-friendly natural stone is. If you’re someone who cares about the environment and your impact on it (which we all should be), choosing to use natural stone for your next project, is one way to ensure a green solution. A naturally occurring material, stone does not require other materials or harmful chemicals to create it and has a low embodied energy and low carbon. It is non-toxic, completely recyclable, and is widely available and sustainable. Stone also has a high thermal capacitance, making it a great insulator to save on heating & cooling. By choosing to use natural stone, instead of other more harmful materials (such as cutting down trees for timber), you’ll find even more environmental benefits.


Stone is notoriously resilient and strong. The oldest human-made structures still standing today are made from stonemasonry. It is proven to withstand all kinds of deterioration and last centuries. Stone resists moisture and heat and can endure harsh climate and weather conditions. It will not warp, swell, bend, splinter, dent, melt or burn. Stonework is rot-free, bug-free and vermin-free. It is not vulnerable to basic deterioration and is hardly affected by normal day-to-day actions that would leave wear & tear on other construction materials.


The longevity and ease of maintenance of stonework mean that the financial benefits far outweigh the initial investment. You’re looking at a building material that’s appearance literally improves with age and can last several lifetimes, without the colour even fading. No other building material can compete with the durability of stone. So not only will this building material last your whole lifetime, but it will not rust or need to be painted either.

Stone being a natural insulator, means you can save money on heating and cooling costs. Some insurers will even offer lowered premiums for natural stone buildings due to their renowned durability and resilience against damage.

So not only will you save money on maintenance, insurance and energy bills, but you also have the knowledge that you aren’t investing in a passing trend. Stonework is a premium building material that brings a higher value to any overall project.

So there you have it. If you weren’t sold on natural stone before, we hope this long list of benefits has helped you see why natural stone rocks! 😉